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Old 23rd October 2019
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Well if it needs to be justified it needs to be justified. I'm not sure I'd spell out the price of equipment but on the other hand why not if we're going down the path of having to explain why it costs money. I don't really see the point in talking about "recouping" because if it actually was an expense up front with no guarantee of getting paid on the back end then why do it in the first place? It'd make no sense.

What does make sense is exactly what was said "Sometimes we do more complex multitrack recording just for our own interest in making the documentation mix as good as possible." So if that's the case then there's a different reason for why it was made and "recouping" doesn't really seem sensible to me.

So I agree instead that it makes sense to explain the value of it, and I think a way to make that clear is to explain what it would have taken to get it done as an separate specified job. This is a 'perk' that wasn't guaranteed. You get to pay for it, or not get it at all. Lowering the price too far kills the market.