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Old 23rd October 2019
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Crazy Good Dutch Vocal Mix (imo)

How u doing people?

Typing this from The Netherlands, long time reader, first time poster. The vocal mixing for the mainstream artists is really nice over here and I really need your guys' help. I can't get the vocal to sound like that. The vocals are really in a tight pocket. No muddiness but still sound kinda natural. Crisp but not harsh. Heavy but feather light. And effin' CLEAN!!! I'll post some examples.

These guys are not most skilled singers nor are they recording in big budget studio's. They record in living rooms and have entree level mics and pre's. The studio where I often go to, is treated, mic is a pretty decent Rode mic (not to crazy tho). But I still can't get the vocals to sound this clear, tight and clean.

I'f been trying for a pretty long time and I still can't seem to get it. What do you guys think. Can u shoot me some tips and help me out?

Kinda going crazy out here.

Cheers from The Netherlands,