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What a stupid reply.

I'm asking if it is worth buying for a hobbyist like me. Is it worth it? It seem like it I, the reviews are good. Will I use it in any of my mixes? I'm not sure that is why I am asking. Theres lot of things on sale all the time, I have the izotope mixing bundle and am looking for advice on other bits of gear to add to my arsenal.

There is nothing wrong with asking peoples opinions. Theres a lot of stuff on places like plugin boutiqe which is on offer but as a hobbiest I'll only ever use maybe once or twice so come here where people who do it full time for a living can advise me on wether Its worth spending £50 while on offer or avoid and buy something different.
Imho it is well worth it! I just purchased them a few days ago and they sound better than most flanger/ phaser plugins I own