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Here for the gear

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You would probably get better results if you turned around to face the other way, so the absorption is behind you when you are singing. And also get rid of the wood plank standing upright in your picture. Also, getting out of the corner out along the wall, with better, thicker absorption behind you, would help. But there's no magical solutions: a decent sized, properly treated room would be the best. The above is just going to get you small improvements: a proper room would get you big improvements.

- Stuart -
I second that. Consider the polar pattern of the mic. It's most sensitive from the side you're singing into (assuming it's not figure-8) and least so from the back. So, if your options are limited, you're better off trying to eliminate the reflections that might bounce back into the "singing side" of the mic. You'll still get some reverb in the signal but, it will cut down the level of early reflection and at least give you a clearer "main" vocal.