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Old 22nd October 2019
Here for the gear

Thank you for the reply Starlight

Besides the width and length of the room the rest i am not sure about the size. I haven't moved there yet.

I can't be looking into another house because i just bought this one. I can only work with what i have and this is my only option.

The door opposite the window leads to the bedroom and a bathroom. The other door is a small closet. I guess during production i can have it open so the clothes in it can act as a bass trap. Also it will break the square shape of the room.

The floor is made of wood. The rest of the materials i am not sure.
The room will be used for music production, mixing and mastering.
For room treatment i will use a carpet under my seat, DIY rockwool panels and DIY diffuser (with wooden blocks). Bass traps i will purchase proper ones.