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Interpolated from the diagramme: 3.2m x 3.2m x 2.56m with doors 96cm wide.

If this is the most suitable room for a studio in your new house I would ask whether you should be looking at this house or another one as a small square room with doors in corners is far from ideal. But if this your dream room then treat the room you will have, not one you don't.

It would be worth measuring the room with your monitors on the window wall.

For comparison, set up facing the wall to the left of the window. Small rooms need lots more treatment than larger rooms and the back corners are normally important, more so in such a small room. If you face the wall on the left then both doors will need movable traps which may become tedious to have to move them everytime you come and go.

What is behind each door?
What are the floor, each of the walls and ceiling made of?
How much isolation do you need?
What do intend to use the room for?
What is your budget?