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Edit: Ah wait, I see you pre-orderd from a retailer in Indiana. I've always had good experiences with them, and never been charged for a pre-order until it was in stock. Perhaps they just screwed this one up, people make mistakes.
No, I was told by my sales rep, in a convoluted way that they do this on pre-orders that have 48 mos. Now I have also pre-order items that offered 48 mos intertest free before and was not charged until it came in and shipped. On my first call, he said I must have clicked through quickly and missed the info regarding accounts being charged on 48 mos interest free without reading all of the info on it. I am like thinking to myself "no, I did not see that." After my second call a day or so later, I decided I was going to prob further and cancel my order. My sales rep said he realized it was not stated on their website (that they would charge accounts on pre-orders before they ship) and said he had mentioned it to the higher-ups. I told him that I had pre-ordered many things for years and was not charged until my order shipped. He said it is somewhere in the fine print of the credit issuer.

He offered to refund the amount and I would lose 48 months interest-free But he could leave me in line for getting the musical instrument. Then why charge the card in the first place???

This is very odd and disappointing.