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Awhile back I got a lil ssd drive solely for putting records on, and spent a couple days ripping most of my cd collection. I'd sit there with my magnifying glass and read the credits while the discs were ripping. Bob's name is on A LOT of records. It almost got to be a joke, I'd open up another disc jacket and yep, there's Bob again.

Anyway off the top of my head in no particular order:

Shellac-any of them, but especially 1000 Hurts
King's X-Dogman
Medeski Martin and Wood-Friday Afternoon In The Universe
Fugazi-End Hits and The Argument
PJ Harvey-Stories From The City (bad mastering but her voice and guitar playing are so awesome it doesn't matter)
Soul Coughing-Ruby Vroom and El Oso
John Coltrane-Love Supreme
Sonic Youth-Dirty

Speaking of Sheryl Crow, I'm not sure "All I Wanna Do" is a particularly great song, but that mix sounds killer.

I like this song for checking subs, there's a big low drum that comes in on the downbeats of the chorus. This is Bob of course. Some of my favorite bass and drums interplay, so fun to listen to. And how can you not like a song named "Sex Doily"?

+1 Shellac 1000 Hurts