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Here for the gear

Out Now! Elixer: The Lost Tapes for Kontakt. 20% off intro pricing.

Hello everyone,
We're proud to announce the release of Elixer: The Lost Tapes, by Beautiful Void Audio and Divergent Audio Group.
It's £26 until Nov. 1st (£32 after). Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.81 or higher.

Featuring thousands of character filled samples, with a nostalgic, retro vibe.
40 instrument sources influences by old synths, distant memories and Boards of Canada.
23 dialogue and fx sources taken from old public domain videos and ads.

63 sound sources
1,730 samples

5 NKI instruments
199 Snapshots

The engine by DAG has a rich feature set which allows you to use the sounds in unique ways.
Its main feature is its X/Y motion section which gives you the ability to blend up to 4 voices. You can arpeggiate sounds, create unique dynamics, and create complex or simple movement.

You can also disable the movement engine if you wish, and play the sounds normal.

Audio Demos: