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We needed this during beta. After making various transient detection improvements, we found it was very rarely needed, if needed at all. When detecting transients in signals with lots of low frequency content (like boomy toms!) increasing the transient side-chain filter is a more effective way of preventing false detections during the resonant decay. We left the minimum re-trigger time parameter available in case anyone had transient detection problems which couldn't be solved any other way.

If you use Reaper, you can pull that parameter into the mixer's FX Params section to adjust it without automating. Studio One may have a similar feature.

Have you found times where you've been unable to detect all real transients without also getting false detections?
Aha, gotcha.

I'll look into adding it in S1. I bet it's possible in their multi-parameter thingy (forget the official name of it...I'm a recent convert. ha!)

Anywho, as for my own experience: generally speaking, i'm finding drum gate to be 'ok' at detection in its default setting, but i can make it 'perfect' by making use of the learning functionality. I'm also finding it beneficial to automate a few parameters (namely, the gain reduction and transient sensitivity settings) to fine-tune particularly difficult drum fills or ghost-note passages.

I haven't used the HPF much, to be honest. But, so far i've been using drum gate on pretty loud/bright/punchy rock and metal drums, so there hasn't been much long sustaining "boom" to argue with.