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Indeed, 5x5 would have terrible acoustics. Headphones would be a better (relative) option. The notion you can't mix on them is unfounded.

1) You don't need a tube amp, that's only recommended for audiophile playback. For mixing, avoid at all costs as it colours the sound. You want a clean headphone amp that will easily power the cans. The new Rupert Neve headphone amp is only $400 and will work wonders for that.

2) EQ your headphones. I have Focal Clears and the difference is astounding. I use CraveEQ based on the curve measured and suggested from this list. I tested many EQs for this (Equilibrium, Fab Flter etc) and Crave sounded the most transparent and effortless.

Avoid Sonarworks. I own it, and it sounds awful compared to Crave + EQ curve from the above list. Another option—which I have not used personally but have heard good things about—is Tonebooster's Morphit .

3) Lastly, and this is incredibly important, follow up the EQ plugin with Goodhertz CanOpener. It simulates speaker crossfeed in your headphones making the experience far more natural. Crucial for mixing.

If you're an OSX user, the rather marvellous app AudioHijack is all you need to place the EQ and CanOpener between your sound source (app, DAW or entire system) and your audio interface.

@ Soundman2020 - hats off for offering such insight, and @ VenVile - a lovely post indeed!

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