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Here for the gear

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He's giving you good advice! He's also one of the few REW experts around here....

Studio acoustic measurements should always be done with a proper measurement mic, and they are not expensive. It has to be omni because, as akebrake says, the mic has to pic up sound equally in all directions, not just concentrated in one single direction. It also has to be a small mic (not a large diaphragm mic) so that the body of the mic itself does not interfere with the sound waves it is trying to measure.

Here's a tutorial on how to set it all up and do the measurements. How to calibrate and use REW to test and tune your room acoustics There are several issues with your MDAT measurements that make the data you posted not very useful. About the only thing that can be discerned from that data is that the room is empty, you have some modal issues, flutter echo, and there are several very strong early reflections. If you follow those instructions, you'll be able to produce REW data that can be used to analyze your room in far more detail.

- Stuart -
Yes! I know ?
I’m buying a mic for it. I wasn’t sarcastic hahahah
I’m very grateful for the help. I found a Omni directional from behringer for 31 euros. Will order it and get back here.