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Old 21st October 2019
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Help with changing from Pro Tools to Logic

Hi guys, I’m sorry if this is a stupid question but I’d love some help here.
How do you get existing Pro Tools files and open or import them into Logic Pro X?

To explain my circumstance - I have traditionally used Pro tools 9 with Mac OS Lion (I know its old but it worked for me!) For a number of reasons my other third party software wont work with Lion anymore so I must update to the latest Mac OS. The problem with the newer Mac OS is that Pro tools 9 will no longer work.

Given this, I’ve had a think about things and decided I want to move to Logic Pro X as my DAW now instead of upgrading Pro tools. I cant justify the money to upgrade both. The problem is that I can’t understand how to get the songs I’ve recorded in Pro Tools (i.e. all the individuals tracks and mixing) into Logic to open them or edit these later?

I tried to use something called OMF/AAF to export the tracks and session out of Pro Tools and into Logic. When I open or import them into Logic however it all gets garbled and out of time.

Is there some easier way of doing it? Otherwise I’d have to bounce each individual track down to a new file and import each of these bounced individual tracks into Logic. That could be hours if not days of work and once bounced I’d be stuck with each track as it was bounced – ie no ability to change existing EQ or Compression settings that were inserted in Pro Tools before I bounced each track.

Is there another way???

Any help you could offer would save me greatly?