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Any news on this
SO Random Hall is sounding better on 480?
I will have a M300 rolling in soon with OS 2.01. WHat am I missing in later OS?
I will only have it for reverb, plate and Random Hall.
They all sound great in mix: reverb that is real is convolution based on actual real spaces *mostly* does not sound as musical (except for some concert-halls in Europe) when recorded from real spaces (I mean, listen to a real-canyon echo and you can't use it for musicality). This is to say that all natural spaces are not useful - its just that algorithmic reverb is a musical design. I did about 30 movies and sounds and the 300 is not the same as 480 which is not the same as TC nor the same as Quantec or AKG 68K or Roland 880 - in my view the Lexicon reverbs (300 and 480), the Kurzweil KSP8 and the Eventide are the world's best for synths and sound design.

For reverb only, you will not really miss anything. The sound is fabulous Lexicon. I'm an owner FWIW.