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OP, sorry for hijacking your thread. What’s your budget? I’m gonna see about replacing the Event 20/20’s in the picture with Dynaudio LYD-48’s. Almost the same size and a three way monitor with DSP if your into that. They’re $1200 a pop though. That’s for one. My only concern is they’re rear ported. I’m gonna be contacting Dynaudio to see what their advise is.

As said, you want a flat front face and a square cabinet. Makes it easier to build the baffle. As you can see in mine the OC703 is the baffle. They’re sitting on 200lb stands and decoupled from the stand. The OC703 is decoupling the speakers from the wood frame as well. Otherwise you should build the front wall with a lot of mass. To lower any resonate frequencies below the audible range.