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Hello bmanic,

Already fixed cramped filters but not added to this version.

Here is the test of version 2.1 (which will be released, soon). Also, all EQs will be "decramped". It's not about oversampling Analog Obsession plugins. Filters will be decramped while oversampling on or off.
Good to hear. Why on earth did you release the current version if you have a working version coming out??

I just do not understand your reasoning at all. Surely you must have been able to hear the broken version as it cuts out huge amounts of high frequencies. When engaging the oversampling option it basically turns on a high shelf from around 5kHz which cuts up to -6dB (!!!!) at around 12 to 15kHz.

This is extremely easy to hear and of course also shows up on PluginDoctor.

Oversampling is about only non-linear section. (Actually, yes! Already oversampling to remove cramped/warped filters but this is not according to "OVERSAMPLE" button.
Yeah, no it isn't working.

So the question remains: Why release a broken version if you already know it's broken??