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Old 19th October 2019
How about some things we'd like in s1?

I would like to see:

*The ability to move any track,channel,aux etc order in any tracklist, the mix view, or the edit window by just grabbing it and moving it. I hate that sometimes have to screw around and find a window that will let me edit the order.

*I'd like to also be able to unhide any track in either track list. Yes, I want to see my auxes and instruments in both track lists, even if unhiding a track up in the edit window track list only makes it show up in the mix window.

*I want to be able to right click and delete a track,channel,aux, instrument etc in either track list, or on a channel in the mixer. Right click, choose delete, gone
* would like a way to go instantly to a more visible (less colorful) wave view in either the edit window or editor window to more easily make fine edits, and them flip back to pretty view. Extra points if you get to choose the color scheme for the detailed editing view.

*I'd like to be able to select a track, hit cntl-a and select only the audio in that track. This might be possible, but it seems to select everything on the edit window screen.

*I'd like to be able to right click on a loop, select loop, and be prompted for the number of times I want the loop to happen. I've only been able to loop using the duplicate command, which does work, but it would be way easier like Protools does it.

*I want the option to have aux pans follow the main channel panning

*I want a channel to automatically convert to stereo when you add a stereo plugin like protools does.

*Ability to choose an output or outputs to bounce, even if it's just one mono or stereo set of outputs per bounce. If you run a console, you have to select then send everything you have going to an output to a bus then bounce that bus to get your console outputs, then when you step back S1 looses your channel assignments and defaults to output 1/2

You guys got anything that irks ya?

Lets help them make this better to use.