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You CAN (and people do) pay huge amounts for a phone -- but my old mobile -- a barely second gen Android smart phone from 2011/12 -- started acting fishy last T-day weekend and, without even realizing it was cyber-Monday, I found a new, mid-tier unlocked Moto offered for (outright) sale from my mobile provider (Ting, cheap for voice and text; data less-so) for about $90. (You might find that model over the counter for $130 or so -- but better to look for a newer release at discount; look for holiday deals between now and NY.)

My new phone's got all the junk that was on the top end phones a few years back, fingerprint scanner (handy if you keep your phone 'screen-locked'), high capacity battery, 13Mpx and 5Mpx cams, 32 GB of built-in memory -- with the ability to use cheap, add-in microSD memory -- and, I gotta say, the current Android runs a LOT better on it than it does on my cheapo tablet. (And, of course, the ability to run various spam-call-blocking apps.)