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Yeah, doesn’t have to be at tracking, just part of the general system of sound for the vocal.

Seems to want a 8-12K lift depending on all the things. Maybe a little bump at 3-5K too.

Even though other mics may already have those frequencies emphasized, somehow boosting a 67 in those spots to be similarly present and airy is more pleasing to my ears.

Anyone particularly liking API EQ in this combo?

My experience with using eq with the u67 is mainly based on what I owned myself, never used a HW api I'm afraid :/. The hammer eq though which i me own sounds very lush and expensive. Clean for being a pultec style eq.

What you describing is missing or what you want to add is exactly what the m269c has naturally.

I do believe any quality HW eq will do though. But check out the hammer if you have a chance