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Stability is the most important element when making music on a pc. And knowing the plugins support on Linux is laughable makes it unusable for music makers for the time being. Strange that almost all Linux users never migrate 100% to that OS, always some excuse to stay on Windows or Mac.
Im running really old plugs, so take that into consideration but i have 75% of my plugs back. Any o.s. is going to have issues running all plugs. The carla rack client has been for me the best wrap ive used so far.

I haven't migrated 100% yet because i have 10+ YEARS of material on that old windows machine to sift through and transfer over. Im going to be dual booting for awhile. Soon as that's all squared the win10 partion will be gone.

Win 10 in the virtual machine by itself runs way better then it did for me elsewhere. The only reason id have a vm of 10 is if it runs reason, which i haven't tested yet.

In my recording experiments, i can happily create off reaper in mint. That's really all i want a pc for. Infinite tape and some editing. For me it's about as stable as asio ever was.

One other complaint, i couldn't get REW to find my ancient firewire interface even though jackd uses it all the time. But im new to REW as well