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I have bought two of these. I'm after that big console "depth" you immediately fall in love with you once hear it. They are very convincing in that regard. They have quite a strict breaking point where the full blown distortion kicks in, I assume it's because of the IC on board, as these are hybrid design. So I'd use it on low to medium settings. They give a VERY NICE stereo field and depth to your mix. I've hooked them up with a stereo 500 colour module and using them before the DOPA520 pair which gives the ulimate "openess" going alongside with the depth.

I'd say for this price (54 EUR each) its a super value. I'll def use it on each of my mixes. I also have some "Royal Blue" colour modules for tracking (i.e. Neve), so I can finally go with the old rule, "track with Neve, mix with SSL".
Can we hear some mixes before and after the investment?
It's all about the mids for me