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Old 18th October 2019
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Using Yamaha 01v96i as soundcard with Ableton

Hi All,

I have the a Yamaha 01v96i and I've been using it as simply a mixer. However I now want to use it as my soundcard, sending and receiving midi to my machines and sending audio to my DAW. Midi I have hooked up and seemed to be working.

The problem is I can't get Ableton to "see" the 01v96i as my audio interface. It is hooked up right with all the drivers, because it recognises it on the midi page, and can record midi coming in from the 01v96i. But in the audio preferences page it does not see the 01v96i, it's not in the dropdown.

I am almost certain it's because I have not set up the 01v96i to output audio over USB. The 01v96i is so complex it's just beyond me.

Does anyone use a 01v96i as a soundcard with Ableton? Does it even work like this or do I need to keep using an audio interface between the 01v96i and Ableton? What settings do I need to put into the 01v96i for it to send audio over USB so Ableton will "hear" it.

Thanks for any help and apologies if I'm being dumb!