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A new scam...

I got called 5 times in one day. DO NOT PUSH #1 . I did not but a lot of people do.

The other scam is someone calling about your electric rates or phone rates and they ask you very innocent sounding questions but at sometime in the call they ask for your social security number so they can verify your identity to give you the best rates, which is a tricky way to get your SS number. NEVER GIVE YOUR SS # TO ANYONE ON THE PHONE!!!

The number of SCAM phone calls has increased lately after a short lull.
I know these scams sound so f*cking stupid but there are many people falling for it, especially older people. And that really makes me so angry.

I got a call from some dumb bitch trying to scam me. I was stupid enough to pick it up. She said she works for a stock broker bla bla bla. I already knew that this is a scam. I asked her how did she got my phonenumber, she couldn't answer while she kept asking me if I want to earn easy money (yeah my a$$). I asked her if it's easy money why are you here scamming people? She kept insisting that she isn't a scammer. So you have a magic formula to make cash and you're selling it while you're working in a call center for a slave wage. I told her I hope you get hit by a truck, bye bye. Those idiots still try to call me, I just don't pick up. <SNIP - let's leave the racial stereotypes out of it>

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