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Roof for brick shed

Hello all - i'm looking towards building a room-within-a-room in my fairly large brick shed - with a view to isolation primarily.. (size approx two-car garage)

However, the current roof, which is flappy thin wavy metal, needs replacing as the wood that supports it has rotten as some clown put the screws in the troughs rather than the hills, and well, the elements have rotted all the wood.. in short it looks like it was roofed long ago by 'that'll probably hold' folks in a hurry..

It's a low angle single pitch, ie it slopes gently down from one side of the shed to the other.. uk midlands so not huge snow load..

Given that I'm going to want to redo that roof, and I'll be having sound isolation in mind, can anyone point me to some resources regarding designs/practicalities for such a roof?

I'm hoping the structure (single-width brick) can take a little more weight.. but perhaps not an awful lot. I'm interested in what approaches are taken to sealing for sound, e.g. at the edges

I expect that if I want useful mass hanging there then I'll have to get some kind of engineer involved so that nobody gets killed, but i'd like some idea of what proper design approaches might be.