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Anyway, back to the Mu. I've been demoing it. I'm still exploring but so far I like the general look of the plugin and am enjoying what it does sonically. You can push this thing quite hard without things falling to bits. I like that.

My immediate feature request would be for the values to show up when you mouse over any of the knobs. Or even better, have an "All Values On" mode. Having to click on a knob to know the exact value is a bit unhandy.

Secondly, holding SHIFT delinks the channels for that control so that you can set them individually. That would be cool except that it is pretty much standard default behaviour in plugins to have SHIFT make a control go into fine mode. I have just opened and checked with more than a dozen plugins and they ALL use SHIFT to make fine adjustments when scrolling the scroll wheel. Mu is the only exception.

So this is probably a very annoying request but GUI's from all these different developers make it already enough of a jungle to navigate as it is, could you pretty please switch the behaviour of CTRL and SHIFT to be in line with the majority of developers so that SHIFT does fine tuning and CTRL individual channel adjustment? Pretty please.

An off-line sampling setting would be nice. It would also be nice if clicking on the meters would change their resolution/zoom level to show more detail when only doing small amounts of GR. The meters are already quite small as it is.
In the mean time, I purchased Mu. I'm requoting the above feature requests in the hope that the Pulsar Audio team see it.

(Do you guys have an address to send feature requests to? Or should that just go through support?)