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I've had this amp since 2006. The only issue i've ever had was needing to replace the cheap input jacks. Studio use only though.
2006 is nothing. It's not a Fender, but my Ampeg B-18 was built in the mid/late '60s and all it's ever needed was replacement of the rectifier tube.

Ditto for a lot of (real, vintage) Fenders I've owned. Most Blues Deluxes/Hot Rod DeVilles I've come in contact with (never actually owned one, I'm not THAT dumb*) won't come even remotely close to that. from my observations, most last somewhere between 4 and (if you're REALLY LUCKY) 8 years before they start crapping out in one way or another.

2006 is really pushing your luck. A stopped clock is actually right twice a day. Studio use only might have something to do with it, although why anyone would want to use one of those as a studio amp is beyond me....