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Sure, and i agree, but i was saying that, visuals aside, many microphones out there, from boutique to bigger companies, are internal copies of stuff that's also still being made today by the original brands. Seems to me as serious as copying the outside.
True, and case in point you'd be amazed to know how many mics from companies big to small are remakes of an older Schoeps circuit. They just don't say it.

I prefer to think of what we have as an homage because both ends (capsule and transformer) are new creations; and the body, while close, is slightly taller and has some other differences. Ultimately, the classic mic is a dominant design and one I've found to be really useful over the years, and is the kind of mic we wanted to do. Our mic kind of covers those bases and comes extremely close, sonically.

I first had the idea after doing a Nashville studio tour about 4 years ago, seeing how many of the vintage units were stll on hand, and on the stands ready for use. I realized what a workhorse it was and was suprised there had never been a more affordable reissue made. When the opportunity came to start a new company, it was clear that it should be the first product; and I wanted to be sure it was really done right.