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Ugh, dreadnought and who cares whether it sounds better in 20 years? The pickups work fine hooked up to a decent PA.Guitar stays in tune and the right one is so much fun to play that I keep trying to steal my son's. I play a $2500 Martin Aura. It sounds beautiful, plays fantastically, a nd I do care whether it sounds better in 20 years. But < $600, nah, just give me something that feels good.
Actually, no, those cheap piezos do NOT work fine hooked (straight) up to a decent PA. The line input on a PA is usually around 10k-20k. Most normal active DIs have an input impedance of around 1 meg, which is a little better, (passive DIs are lower)BUT a typical piezoi will quack unless it sees a load of around 5 megs or better.

Maybe you don't mind quacky piezos but I do and so do most people I know.

Using a DI specially designed for piezos helps, but that will add another couple hundred bucks to the cost of his rig.

And a lot of piezos that come with one of those preamps built into the side of the guitar will quack anyway, because the cheap-ass preamp doesn't have a high enough input impedance to keep the pickup from quacking and the piezo DI won't help those because the preamp buffers the pickup for the load of the DI.

And I always care if a guitar sounds better in 20 years.

As far as staying in tune goes, why would anybody purchase a guitar that won't stay in tune?