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I can only give you half the answer I'm afraid (I'm sure others can give you the rest).

The panning probably refers to panning into the beds that are available. So I think that conceptually you can think of it as a 'regular' surround setup that you pan your mono/stereo sources into. When playing that back it'll act that way. You won't get any benefits from what is actually Atmos object panning.

Now, of course, if this is supposed to play back in a head locked binaural environment I'd say you should look into how beds convert to binaural. If that's similar to how objects would be converted then you might be fine. It'd also be fine I suppose if you're sticking to having these sources on the same lateral plane, i.e. not moving vertically (which is where our elevation layer in Atmos would matter). If there's a difference then I suppose you'll need to look into an RMU.

But like I said, my knowledge of actually doing work in Atmos is lacking so I too am interested in seeing what people say about it.

Did you check the post production section? I know we had a discussion about these sorts of things not too long ago...