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Old 17th October 2019
Here for the gear

Hi there, we are preparing an update about what was done in last weeks. It will be published soon. But a brief update here:

- 14bit CC, NRPN, RPN are fully supported. One can select type of message per Control

- tempated SysEx message. Also per control, users can define sysex messages that will be send on value changes. The templates support inserting value variables, modify them with bitmasks, and compose data bytes that are sent from more parameter values. An example of this is for example a "Operator switches" byte that is sent to DX7. it is one byte where each bit represents on/off status of the operator. Electra now allows you to make controls (faders, switches, etc) that actually control bits in bytes of sysex messages and seamlessly combines that with other bits in those bytes. I hope you guys catch my drift

- We have implemented "smooth takeover" in such way that adding support for new instruments does not need changes in firmware. Smooth takeover is reading of parameter data of current patch so that you do not get jumps in value when you turn the knobs after the patch change. Electra now supports configuration files (in JSON format) that describe how to parse parameter data out of sysex patch dumps. The next step is build an easy to use tool for doing this without knowledge of JSON. For us this is the way to make it possible for electra to support many MIDI devices.

- Colors were introduced to the UI

- And colors were introduced to Electra enclosure too (silver, space grey, and black)

- We listened to the feedback on touch and made with possible to switch pages without using touch on screen. Buttons and knobs are used for it now. So if somebody does not want to use touch, there is a way...

I know we are not that good in "promoting", but it is mostly due to fact that we keep programming