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Panning in Dolby Atmos without an RMU?

I've been searching for hours and can't quite wrap my head around it. I also haven't been able to find a single tutorial video showing someone using the Atmos production suite without an RMU. Please share if you know of any!

I've read that without an RMU, you can't use "object mode", only "bed mode", but can you still pan individual mono and stereo sources? E.g. if I have a scene with two mono dialogue channels, and a stereo channel with a car driving by, could I spatialise and automate them in the Atmos production suite, or do I need something else for the panning, but can still use the Atmos renderer?

My immediate needs are very simple: I want to pan mono and stereo sources around the listener's head, then output to head-locked binaural. I do this all the time with third-party plugins, but a client is keen for it to be done in Dolby Atmos for marketing purposes. Can it be done?

(I don't currently use Pro Tools so can't trial the production suite at the moment but would be willing to switch to work with this client.)

Thanks so much for any help!