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Looking for Lyricist...


I´m Martin. It might sound a bit odd , I see music as my hobby. Like many people around here (and elsewhere) I like writing songs. I do it for the fun of it, as hobby, to relax, to express myself, something like this.

I am not a native in English. From time to time it happens that I start on a song, come up with a chorus, a line of the verse and then it´s over... tells me that I am not a born lyricist. So I was wondering if a nice lyriciist around here would be willing to lend his talents and work with me as a co-writer.

Just like I said, I see it as a hobby but hope, that someone is interessted?

When I write my own lyrics it´s all about environmental-problems, social issues, outsider stuff ... fairy tales ... and stuff like this.