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MPC 2000XL Heads, need your help. Pad Sensitivity.

What's good?

I bought a 2000XL in good condition but the problem is that I have to hit the pads pretty hard to get good velocity values.

I checked the values in the PARAM menu and I can't get above 89 without violent force.

A light strike gets me 15 - 24 velocity.

When I hulk smash the pads I get to around 102 - 114.

To reach 127 I need to hit with an unholy amount of force that will probably damage the unit if done often.

Now, I can't groove like that.

Workaround is sampling hot into the MPC, turning the volume knob up on the MPC and my interface. That way I can play with regular force strikes and hear the sounds somewhat properly.

My question is: Is it normal for the sensors to be that insensitive or do they need to be replaced?

Can you check the velocity values in your unit?

What values do you see after a light, medium & hard strike? (Go to Program, PARAM, select the Filter and hit Open Window to see velocity values).

Thanks in advance.