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Good points by others. But let me also point out the bold above.

You either pay the singer an upfront fee for the vocal or you work out a backend deal of some kind (a backend royalty payment, partial ownership of the song, or an IOU of some kind or other you both agree on).

Asking a demo singer or feature vocalist to pay for recording fees is unheard of, the absolute reverse of the correct direction of who's supposed to pay who for what. This request of yours is without question what tipped the scale in the "isn't too pleased" direction and set off the domino effect of ensuing issues and bad vibes.

Also, if you don't use a demo singer's vocal, you still pay them. You don't get mad at them for not fronting their own money, cut them from the song, and then also not pay them for their work. Bad business, bad vibes. Consider this a learning experience on doing people right.
A band set up was the proposal, it was never a for hire situation.