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I would be way more concerned if a luthier did not clean a guitar like that. At least the right way (just dry cloth, or if necessary naptha).

I'm with the comment that said you need to let the strings go dead in order to get back to the place you prefer. Cleaning the guitar protects the instrument, but would not have that much of an impact on the tone of the guitar.

No way would I work on an instrument and send it back to the owner with a bunch of filth all over it. Never in my wildest imagination would I expect that the owner prefers to have a neglected instrument than one that is cared for.

And please - don't go making it filthy again. That's not going to make you happy and it is going to eventually ruin the finish.
The thing must have been like that for decades, so clearly someone left it on there. The previous owner bought it out of one of the shops in Denmark st, so on its stop there they clearly deemed it valid to leave it alone. Also, when it came off, the finish underneath is very good indeed for the age of the guitar. Almost as if the layer of muck protected her, if anything.

But yes, you sound exactly like my man here, he also said afterwards that if I had said for him to not clean it he would have passed on working on it. And that 'it doesn't have any impact on the sound'.

Only, my experience in reality goes 100% against that theory, and to me does not make any sense whatsoever. It's a resonant box of wood with thin walls. How can a layer of muck on that NOT dampen the tone?

And don't worry I am not about to ruin the guitar.