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Originally Posted by Tnevz View Post
Did it have old strings in it before?
Had you changed the strings after you bought it? You could try some of the coated strings like the D’Addario EXPs or elixers. They tend to sound dead, to my ears. Or maybe find an old set of strings from some old local store. They tend to go dead quicker. Martin switched up packaging on their strings a lil while back. Fairly recently.
The SP’s. The ones in the boxes are older and in my experience, the older the quicker the strings go dead.
Also maybe a bit of foam under the strings behind the nut.
Another thing, don’t wash your hands before you play or use some lotion or some kind of oil on your hands, build up a sweat and play.
Basically all the things you don’t generally want to do before play guitar.
Or just practice a bunch while waiting for the strings to deaden.
Quite possible with all the dirt on the guitar, the top and body wasn’t really resonating but the strings being dead is more likely.

The first thing I did when buying it is what I always do when getting a 'new' acoustic, it's string shootout time, to see what she likes for a tone and playing feel to suit me. So I went through loads of sets. I keep sets for reference in a box. So I don't have to buy them all again in case of a new guitar. The thing had Elixir 80/20's on when I bought her and yeah, they were well worn. So then I added Elixirs to the testing, 80/20 and Phosphor, although I normally hate the things. Turns out they fret really well, and sound fat when fretting them in a way that appeals. But their overall zingy thing is hateful to me. D'Addario NB 12-56's with a Thomastik Plectrum 061 on bass is what won.

So no, what lost magic I am talking about was utterly and goosingly happening with brand new strings on there before. Now my only way to an even cozy place is wearing them in, and yes, I slide my hand up and down the strings like a ****** a lot, to get some finger oil gunk on there, but worn strings and muted guitar body are completely different effects. I don't really want all the harmonics to go away, I just want them to land in a friendly way that keeps space intact to sing into in a natural way. Before the ting was insanely inviting to sing over, it literally made you an amazing bed of mood with all the space in the world. Now, it's like most guitars.