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Lives for gear

I find the various incarnations of new versions of medium sized consoles very interesting when given the fact that most of the market needs high quality small format processing: not 64 channels. I would be willing to wager a considerable sum that A & H's SQ line will generate substantially more revenue than all of their large format sales combined. If my supposition is correct we might consider several reasons why so much R & D effort is dedicated to a small market share?

1) The D-Live is the A & H flagship console and it has carved out a strong share of the medium sized high quality console market. Other than the ubiquitous firmware upgrades It has smartly remained unchanged.
(Why fix or change it if it ain't broke)

2) Integration of new features like broadly expanded use of large external touch screens and much better WIFI remote control options are not the preference of dedicated knob and fader folks like deedeeyeah. So introducing them in a new line makes perfect sense: If they are a big marketing plus they will be an added optional upgrade to both the top of the line D-Live and the prime market seller SQ line.

The reality is all three models, D-Live, SQ and Avantis, offer world class 96khz FPGA processing along with very good pre amps and digital conversion. Perhaps the Avantis line will be the new idea guinea pig for A & H like Oldsmobile was for GM for many years. The ability to successfully address various high quality market segments with attractive price points and avoiding disappointing their loyal clientele is the business model that has proven to be highly profitable in a market driven economy.