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Old 16th October 2019
Here for the gear

I used to work in the original developer of computer graphics' vr lab I went there to develop this but was put to work making soundtracks. like vr needs midi to even begin, 3d multitrack sound visualization is something you would still want to view your monitor and studio, so an ar monocle a three d glove are good starting points no one has developed my idea which has been recorded with the inventor of virtual reality. a composition environment is the pinnacle of analog and digital (audio midi )data visualization. a multitrack view where time frequency and amplitude are all visible and rotatable to cross compare multitrack data. everything else in this catagory of development looks like a dumbass pipedream, and it's illegal to steal my idea, and not one of them have touched it and mpg64r software exists, on your monitor. it reads ableton and protools files and is it's own software.