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From Softube's site:

"You can even use multiple Console 1 Fader units to build the ideal workflow for your specific studio."

So, I think it can be expanded.
Does C1F control ones DAW like for example a Faderport 16 does?

So I like the idea of have a CF1 > Control 1 MKII > CF1 like a little mini Avid desk.

8 Faders > Centre section for EQ etc > 8 Faders.

16 faders in total.

My only issue at this point is how on earth when I start banking through my 48 DAW channels (I use to make a record) do I know which channel I'm fading.

Without the simplest of scribble strip I'm going to be truly lost without staring at the screen as I mix.

I'm starting to question whether I've completely mis-understood the application for this product?