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Here for the gear
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Yeah, I think I'd skip on that! There's the laws of physics that govern the real world, including sound waves... then there's the laws of marketing hype, that are totally unrelated to anything in the real world, except your wallet...

Not sure if you noticed the dimensions of that artwork: "Thickness: 25 mm". Thus, at best (assuming it is a perfect acoustic absorber), it can only effect high frequencies... for anything below about 1 kHz, it has no effect at all. Because absorption thickness is related to wavelength (in the real world...). Also, the dimensions of that painting are 100 cm x 100 cm So 1 square meter.... add up all the surface area of all the walls, floor, and ceiling in your room, consider that you normally need to treat at least 30% of that area to have any useful effect, then see how many paintings you'd need to buy...

Nope! I would not consider that thing a all. No useful effect, and rather expensive!

It would be much better to just build DIY treatment yourself, then get whatever artwork you like printed on breathable fabric (there are reputable companies that can do that for you), and put that over your treatment.

But first, before you do any of that, you should determine what acoustic treatment our room actually needs!

- Stuart -
Hi Stuart, thanks for your message.

I was actually thinking of doing something myself. I agree with with you, that artwork is really expensive for what it is.