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Old 14th October 2019
Babyface has an ADAT in, right? So any 8ch mic pre/converter with ADAT out will work to expand your channel count nicely.

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Hi everyone! I’d like to expand my mobile rig from 2 to 6 mics. At the moment I use Laptop + RME Babyface (1st gen) that only has 2 mic inputs and I’d like to be able to connect at least 6. Would it be effective to get rid of Babyface and replace it with an interface with more mic inputs or keep the Babyface and connect a standalone mic preamp with more inputs to Babyface to expand the current setup? Can you even do that with Babyface? I’m a novice - so apologies for such basic question! What would be most cost effective/ best quality solution?

The scenario will be recording string quartet with stereo pair (beyerdynamic mc930) plus 4 spot mics for each of the instruments.

Thanks in advance.