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Is it possible to use the data output from REW to locate the Schroeder frequency?

I've calculated the theoretical Schroeder frequency in my room. But I was reading online this morning (always a bad idea) and came across this scholarly article from 2017.https://www.mediterraneanacoustics.c..._at2_final.pdf

It concludes "...the use of the Schroeder Cutoff Frequency in small rooms should be exercised with some degree of caution, as it this use challenges some of the fundamental theory behind Schroeder’s equation. It is important to note the underlying condition for Schroeder’s theory of a diffuse, isotropic reverberant field. This condition is perhaps never perfectly met, but it is much more difficult to achieve in a small room than in a building as large as a concert hall. Also of concern, and perhaps debate, is whether or not the decay measured in a
small room then qualifies as reverberation."

As with all theoretical calculations in acoustics, things change once you actually get in the room. So I was curious if there was a way to use REW to find a more exact Schroeder Cutoff.