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Old 13th October 2019
Reflective surface left after placing first reflection panels and bass traps.


I’m moving my studio to a new location (which I’ll be renting for at least 2 years).

Room dimensions are 4mt x 4mt x 2,8mt (13,1 feet x 13,1 feet x 9,1 feet). I know, square and not big, it’s what I could get, can’t change that.

There will be lots of bass trapping, first reflections absorption, back wall diffusion and producers couch.

It will look “something” like this.

My question is, as the walls are hard concrete parallel surface, even with first reflections absorption, bass traps and back wall diffusion, I’ll have plenty of “bare wall” left.

My question is what would you recommend to do with it? Leave it like that to give the room a little more liveness? Stick some more rock wool panels? Foam panels just to absorb high frecuencies and avoid flutter echoes?

Thanks in advance!