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The Kurzweil KSP8 is basically 4 Rumour units in one box. The Behringer V-verb Pro sounds like a rip off of the Rumour unit to my ears. All have a more modern sound that works in mixes.

As for your desk's limit of FX returns . . . use a channel's send / return or use separate channels set up for the outboard and blend. You don't have the hard limit you think you do as creative signal routing will allow expansion.

Your Sony question . . . The V77 is a combination of the R7 (reverb), D7 (delay), and M7 (modulated effects) units. The R7 sounds a hair warmer. There is an earlier Sony MU-201 reverb unit that is darker and not as lush that can fit certain roles. That same unit with a different faceplate made by Sony is the Ibanez SDR 1000+ and can be found for very little money.

One other unit to check out that usually pops up eventually in these type threads is the old Klark Teknik DN-780 but has it's own unique sound.

Like I said above, there are going to be many good options and will boil down to what you personally like.