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That’s my words. Compare with others preamps and maybe you will understand.
I’m not sure of your experiences—and I don’t say that condescendingly; simply as a fact.

I only know that I’ve done extensive tests with many vastly different preamps, and I’ve never heard any variety of Neve (1073, 1066, 1073LB, Vintech, Aurora, Avedis, BAE) that has even remotely reminded me of a smiley face.

As one example, would you say that an Aurora GT sounds noticeably more “smiley faced” than the ISA Two in this test?

Because I can think of a few preamps that have a slight presence lift to them, but even the more modern, more open “Neve” signature of an Aurora pre doesn’t sound smiley faced to me.

And the traditional Neve (to my ears) is so thick that it can quickly become tubby on the wrong source sans eq.

Just my 2 cents.