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Hi Maestrostudios,

Let me urge you to reconsider the half stick piano! Beauty and articulation live under that lid, coupled to the pianists ability to hear themselves.

That out of the way, some ideas you might consider-
Your biggest constraint is the fixed pair of Schoeps; I'd start by moving the piano in the hall until it sounds it's best, full bass sparkling highs and evocative mid-range. Roll it around and listen (closing the lid each time...). Then adjust side to side for your stereo.

For voice, I like a small ab of cardiods. Take a listen to the mk5 capsule v the 414s. If I had no soundcheck I think I would put the Schoeps on the voice. My typical vocal/piano setup would have the singer facing the pianist (and back of the hall) at about 8' from the front leg/logo of the piano.

If you like, you could stop there, or add a piano pair to correct any suspected deficiencies/compromises of your piano position. I've had pianists prefer tail, mid frame and no spots so good luck to you there...

And since you have a full day for setup, why not stick up a hall pair! I've cut my hall pair more than 50% of the time, but when it works it's great.

The most important thing though, is that you really make the musicians comfortable and involved with this decision making process. Have them listen in the hall, in the control room to hear the differences. Sacrifice any and all of my faffing above to get them to a spot when they can make music