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First thing is to have confidence -
If you’re handy with a soldering iron, you’re 90% of the way there.
Accept the fact that the mic is broken already, then stop worrying you’re gonna make it any worse

635a is a pretty simple design - not a lot of internals if I recall. Chances are from your description, this is a loose wire in the XLR connector which is really quite simple, but may be a little fiddley to work on.

You probably won’t have to disassemble the whole mic - just extract the XLR connector.
There’s a tiny set screw in the side of the mic barrel near the XLR connector- remove that and you should be able to gently pull the XLR connector out the end with a pair of needle nose pliers. It’s attached to 3 wires that probably don’t have that much extra length to them so don’t pull on the wires too hard. It should be able to pull out far enough to see its connections and find your bad solder joint.
Putting it back in is the fiddley part - on some mics, lining up that set screw again can be a PITA