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Hi J! Thank you for your words!
So I did track drums in here several times and with great results. In total honesty the studio is pretty soundproof but drums are extremely loud as an instrument so I would be comfortable playing drums if I did the whole ceiling like I did the vocal booth. The kick low frequencies travel into the ground reaching my house which is about 15 yards away.
I have neighbors a little closer to the studio and my number one goal was to be able to play music as loud and frequently as I wanted, so to avoid any inconvenience with my sweet neighbors I prefer to avoid playing drums after a certain time at night.
I ended up investing around $30k including the AC split system which according to the acoustician I hired was going to be the heftiest gadget in the build, but definitely vital. That covered the contractor’s fees too, not just the materials.

Please feel free to reach out any time and I’ll provide any info I can!