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Posted about this An unusual, and specific question I know. I have been playing a lot of finger style acoustic guitar lately, as I am working on a project where it is the main instrument - learning acoustic Led Zep songs in my younger days has given me a good grounding for this

I find it easier to compress after recording, because it's easy to over do it in the recording and also noise can be an issue with outboard compressors.

Anyways, so far I have found the Fabfilter Pro-C compressor plug in achieves the most control over the dynamics and complimenting the sound of the guitar, whilst sounding pretty neutral - even over my outboard compressors.

So I am looking for alternatives that are great for controlling the dynamics and plucky nature of finger picked acoustic. Not necessarily clean sounding either.

Be cool to hear of other suggestions though, plug in or hardware. I've tried an 1176, Distressor and a bunch of Waves, UAD and other plug ins.
Use a tape sim.