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You'll see. And don't get me wrong, I don't want to talk you out from AIO purchase. Just mentioned that BF as another option.
With regards to minor improvement, I've meant with heavy load and short buffers. If you already struggle with overloads even with longer buffers, then it's likely already CPU bounded and another interface, albeit more efficient, likely won't help you.
Some people try to do crazy stuff and desire low apparent latency even with heavy effect chains (working "through" Ozone, Nebula.. long plugin stacks etc. from point one instead of splitting to performance and mixing/finishing stage), but lot of times that's outside of reasonable realm with current capabilities even with powerful computers.

There are two channels of analog inputs, two channels of analog line outputs. Either balanced or unbalanced depending on used breakout cable, the shipped basic variant has RCA cinches, optional one has XLRs.
Plus there is independent headphone out, which can be also used as an additional unbalanced line level output.

I/O expansion is possible in two ways.
Either you can get AI4S-192 and AO4S-192 internal boards, which adds 4 line inputs or 4 line outputs respectively.
Those cards aren't connected to PCIe slot, just mechanically sitting there and you use flat ribbon cable for connection to main AIO card.
The other way is to use ADAT ports at AIO, where you can connect any suitable external converter/preamp. This will give you up to 8 additional channels (for rates up to 48k, a half with S/MUX at higher rates).

I don't think so, there are other internal cards like RayDat or HDSPe MADI, but primarily for more digital channels.

Thank you very much.

Yeah, in case of overloading - lets say I have really big amount of space for doing weird stuff, but sometimes I use really crazy chains or multivoicing so i ocassionally Im having overloads. It's not a big deal tho, but if AIO would help it even in few %, while im needing it anyway for analog input, I would rather choose it than babyface pro which gives me mobility that i dont really need.

So to sum up, the scenario of AIO + Adi-2 DAC and switching between USB and Coax/spdif will be versatile and easy to use, and if I would need another analog inputs for other things in the future I can easily get it with the expansion, right?